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Explanation Needed: How Does RAM Work?

Its been quite some time since I've done one of these,the long overdue "Explanation Needed" where as best I can try to explain how every computer related technology works. We kick things off with RAM,how does it really work. We know that RAM is present in almost everything that has a working processor and storage drive. Gaming consoles,smartphones,tablets and of course the computer,they all have an operating RAM within. Here's how it works.

Random Access Memory better known as RAM is basically considered "random access" because you can access data from memory cells, which are arranged in a row and columns,this is what makes up the actual cell.

 Very close to what you have  with the processor, your memory have complex integrated circuits constructed into millions of transistors and capacitors. Here's where it gets somewhat technical.

The most common form of RAM that's  in all computers is Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), its made up of transistors and capacitors,both are paired to create one memory cell,each memory cell represents a single bit of data. The capacitor we just spoke about holds a bit of information in a form of 0's and 1's. Each cell basically holds power and don't hold power,0 means off,1 means on. The transistor acts like a switch that lets the control circuitry on memory chip read the capacitor or change its state of operation.

The one drawback with memory it does not hold data for long.Memory controllers are needed to recharge capacitors in memory before they discharge. The memory controller recharges all capacitors which holds the number 1 before it discharges again. The main mission of the memory controller is to read the memory and then write it back. The refresh method that takes place happens automatically,about a thousand times per second. To put it simply,Dynamic RAM always needs to be refreshed and it does not hold data,when the computer is powered down, data in RAM is wiped clean.

There is more to memory with its basic operation and it will get rather complex if I continue on. I made things rather simple for you to grasp how RAM works in your computer as best I can.



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