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Corsair Partner Up With MSI For A LiQuid Cooled GeForce GTX 980 Ti

Corsair is a company that makes just about anything that's attached to a computer,storage devices,RAM,power supplies,etc,the list is just endless. Things are about to get graphic, as Corsair are entering the graphic card buisness with the GeForce GTX 980 Ti produced graphic card in partnership with MSI via the company's signature hybrid closed loop liquid cooling apparatus.

The graphic card in the spotlight is being marketed and sold by both MSI and Corsair directly under different names: MSI GeForce GTX 980 Ti Sea Hawk, and Corsair Hydro GFX. Both product are very much similar to each other, what's different on Corsair end is this would be the very first time it will have a brand and logo being featured on a graphic card.

Closed-loop cooler are nothing new in innovation, GPU's such as the Radeon R9 X Fury X and R9 295X2 have the same type of water cooled setup. This the first time we're seeing this with an Nvidia card. The external thermal headroom that is provided by the cooler will allow the card to be overclocked right straight from the  factory, with the base clocks of 1190MHz,boost clocks of 1291MHz , and stock clocked GDDR5 memory.

The main technology that is drawing attention to the GTX 980 Ti  is of course the cooling solution. Corsair is providing the modified H55 closed loop liquid cooler with a slender 120mm radiator to cool the GPU, the blower fan and heatsink arrangement is familiar to those who seen has this type of setup.

The new cooling solution for the GeForce GTX Ti will come at a price,both MSI and Corsair are asking consumers to pony up $739.

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