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Micro Center Deals This Week: AMD FX 6300 Black Edition 3.5GHz Six Core Socket AM3 Processor

Building a computer can be a very expensive passionate hobby,especially if you're a first time system builder but might be swayed and deterred from even building your own system because of the price of hardware. Well the truth is with careful research you can indeed put together a nice system and stay within a reasonable budget. Breaking the bank is not the first option,that is why I found this on Micro Center, a AMD FX Black Edition processor as a start to your budget system build.

The processor has some serious specs going on within, starting with 3.5GHz processing speed with a 4.1GHz turbo boost (Turbo Core-technology) , 6 working cores, there is also 6-processing threads within. The processor must be paired with a motherboard that has AM3+ socket type,just a snippet bit of information you need to know.

You get such great processing technology for a mere $89.99 price point and right in stock at Micro Center.

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