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The Qi Wireless Power Charger: The Review

I was asked  as a favor to do a review on the Qi Wireless Power Charger, for one I have a iPhone,for some unknown reason in modern day 2015 Apple mobile device (except for their Apple Watch) does not have wireless charging, so I couldn't do the test on my iPhone 6 Plus,but I digress. I found this piece of tech very interesting, so I agreed to lend my viewpoint on this Wireless charger. In order for me to test out the Qi Wireless charger, had to borrow someones Android smartphone so I can do this written review.

Now that I'm done with that confession,what about that Qi Wireless device. The wireless charger has a very simplistic design with a combo gloss/matte finish. As a color scheme it's draped in all black. The functionality to this wireless charger and most on the market is pretty basic,nothing in the form of being complex,just place the smartphone on top of the charger and the powering process begins. Now in order for any smartphone to achieve a charge,in particularly the latest generation Android smartphone (and Windows smartphone) it must have a NFC chip inside, that's the core technology with wireless charging.

In the case of the Qi Wireless Charger,my biggest complaint and most who have purchased this device and can agree, you have to really align the smartphone perfectly on the pad in order to get any type of charge, and yes I was doing a lot of aligning. For a good 15 mins I could not get any charge,which for me is unacceptable. The charge process in my opinion should happen immediately.

Once I got the device to charge, it works seamlessly, the wireless charger can charge up a device that has 30% power level.

Aside from wireless charging which by the way works, its the wasted time trying to align the device perfectly just so it can charge would have me stray away from this device. I would definitely consider other alternatives that's currently on the market.

The Verdict? It's a no buy.

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