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The Physical Technology Behind The iPhone 6S 3D Touch

The main most talked about technology with the new iPhone 6 s (and 6s Plus) has to be the 3D Touch. There are those are going out on a limb saying that the 3D Touch is the most innovative feature on a mobile device since the iPhone MultiTouch which made its debut in 2007.

How does 3D Touch function is quite simple,lets use the email app for this example, all you do is simply press the message in mailbox and a list will peek out of its message contents, then you slide up to view the list of available actions. Press even harder you'll be taken to message. Other than your Mail, 3D Touch works with other apps such as Photos, Message and Video. You can also use 3D Touch to preview links anywhere on your iPhone. 

Now that you know the basic functionality of 3D Touch, aren't you a least bit curious at seeing the actual physical mechanism that makes the whole thing operational. In my opinion Apple can be a bit vague with inner workings of their device.

Thanks to the mad scientist at iFixit, they have done a complete tear down of the iPhone 6s. Now for those who don't know, iFixit do repair guides and yes,tear downs on every single consumer devices that's on the market,doesn't matter if it's gaming consoles, tablets,computers and yes smartphones. If theres a gadget that's most sort after and has popularity, iFixit will with organize precision tear down the device. iFixit main goal is to give people like myself much needed transparency of critical integral parts that makes the device work and offer up well define repair guides and empower those to fix it yourself.


With the iPhone 6S, the guys at iFixit have performed their surgical tear down and have revealed all the working parts that's within, such as the battery, camera, RAM, axis accelerometer, just to name a few. The one piece of technology that has been revealed in its physical form that has drawn some interest is the Taptic engine. The Taptic engine? Yes the same engine that's currently in the Apple Watch and the MacBook.

Not only did the folks at iFixit reveal the Taptic engine, they actually put the iPhone 6S under a X Ray machine and displayed the Taptic Engine in action, like I said,these guys are mad scientist literally giving you transparency.

Revealed on the X-ray is an oscillating mechanism that goes through series of nuance vibrations when users perform 3D Touch on the display.

Both of ends of the Taptic Engine is held together by screws, observing in depth you'll see springs on both ends that supports the vibrating engine. The black looking  bar that you see in the image is an actual is suppose to a magnet.

The 3D Touch in the new iPhone 6S is an impressive piece of technology, even more impressive is its core technology being the Taptic Engine.




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