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The Monstrous Asus RT-AC5300U Wireless Router

This monstrous monstrosity of a device you see above this post is not to be mistaken for a large robotic tarantula, instead what you see before your eyes is an actual wireless router from Asus, which is the newly announced RT-AC5300U.

The wireless router is frighteningly intimidating in its design I mean just look at it, if this was in front you, you'll be wondering if you should kill it or run for your life. The appearance of the device should be a great indicator of good performance , the Asus RT-AC5300U router is packing some serious specs, what did you expect when you have a wireless router that has 8 enormous antennas. 

According to Asus spec sheet and features, the RT-AC5300U looks to be an insanely powerful router,it promises to deliver 5GHz frequency through 802.11ac networks, with a TCP throughout that will measure up to 2165Mbps and on the 2GHz frequency band it will operate on the 802.11n wireless network, up to 1000Mbps of TCP throughput.

Like many Asus RT series that's on the market, this particular router will have a DLNA media server, from and SAMBA file server, one USB 3.0 port and one USB 2.0 port, and  the standard 4-port switch. The RT-AC5300U will boast 128MB of flash storage and 256MB of DDR3 RAM.

According to Asus, we could see the RT-AC5300U retail for purchase at the end of this year, there no set price point as of yet, according rumor it will go for $400. If the spec sheet is accurate, this looks to be one of the fastest most powerful routers on the market,the pending hefty price tag may detract many from buying.

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