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Google Launches The New Chromecast With A Total New Design : Here's What You Need To Know

Here's what you need to know about the new Chromecast from Google. Its will still be one of the most innovative pieces of technology that you can still purchase for just $35. 

Credit images source: android central

Credit images source: android central

Aside from the device still remaining affordable,the new Chromecast still requires the smartphone,tablet and computer that has Google Chrome browser installed. Unlike other set top stream devices that's currently on the market like Apple TV and Roku, there is still no need for a remote for the Chromecast. The app for Chromecacst for Android and iOS according to Google has has improved immensely and will be available in few weeks.

Whats  changed with Chromecast? Its the overall design. The integrated stick that we're used to seeing is now a round hockey puck design that has an integrated HDMI cable attached. Judging from the images I've seen thus far,the overall design of the new Chromecast very compact and you should easily attach the puck like device to the back of your TV. Probably the one question I have about the new Chromecast is how will it appear once I attached it to the back of my TV,it may look rather weird having it hang in place like a Christmas ornament. Rather impressive Google is  giving future purchasers a choice in three colors: red,yellow and black.

The WiFi connectivity in the new Chromecast has gotten a big boost, it now operates with the latest 802.11ac WiFi standard and is compatible with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. To improve WiFi connections, Google has implemented a new adaptive antenna system, with not one but three antennas.

Going in depth with new Chromecast app, according to Google will behave like a hub, displaying a list of cast compatible apps you have installed in one central location. There will no longer be a need for users to waste time trying to locate each app. 

A new feature that has been introduced to Chromecast is Fast Play, this features allows certain apps such as Netflix or Hulu to cache content to increase faster load times. This feature will also anticipates when users want to watch the next episode, it will pre-load a few minutes before viewing. Google claims that load speeds will improve by 80 percent.

Other apps that will appear on Chromecast will include Showtime (ShowTime AnyTime app), Sling TV and there are number of potential sports apps in the works which will allow users to stream NBA,NHL and NFL Sunday Ticket. This will more than likely bring added attraction to Chromecast.

The new Chromecast dongle is now available for purcahse.

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