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My Relentless Pursuit Of The BB 8 Driod

If you sleeping during these past few days in a vampires coffin and just woke,you should know that the hottest piece of tech gadget around is not a computer,nor is it a smartphone,but its a toy,the BB 8 Droid.

The BB Droid just came out Friday in direct coloration of Force Friday promotion where you saw many Star Wars related items being displayed for sale. This of course is to promote the upcoming Star Wars film The Force Awakens which is expected to hit theaters on Dec 14.

To my surprise the BB 8 Droid was sold out within minutes of its release,not one single retail store or online vendor have the device for purchase thus far. I mean we're talking lines forming for blocks outside of stores like Toy's R Us and Best Buy all for the sole purpose of getting their hands on this little gizmo. 

Since the BB Droid release this past Friday,so far I'm still out of luck trying to find this little gizmo. This led me to go on the manufacturers website which is Sphero and do a pre-order. Now according to Sphero social media post they have stated that they will ship out more BB Droid sometime this month. Apple on the other hand will begin sale of the BB Droid on Sept 10th,that is this week to be exact, so I will definitely try my luck and see if I can get the device through Apple. Thus far those who had the dubious honor of getting the BB 8 Droid have all sang positive praises. Seeing the positive written reviews has done nothing but increased my need for the device.

Like many of the gadgets,hardware,anything that's tech related,soon as it get my hands on the BB 8 Droid there will be a review to follow.

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