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Apple's September Event 2015: My Predictions

Those who are in-tune with what's goes on within the entire tech utopia knows that every year around this time Apple throws its annual  Event,where there usually reveals the newest tech gadget created by Apple, in the case of this year we'll likely see the next iteration of the iPhone which will be main attraction at the event.

Along with the iPhone, there will be other new gadgets that will be reveal by Apple on Sept 9th,what will they be? That is the question.Here's look at my predicted devices that will be revealed for millions to see.

There Will Be A iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Judging from all the leaks that we've seen for the past two months it dosen't look like there will be any major design changes with the new iPhone's,then again when has there ever been a design change with the "S" series iPhone's. The changes with the iPhone (dubbed iPhone 6s and 6s Plus) will come with its hardware.

The Force Touch Awakens

Like with what you have with the current Apple Watch,the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus I expect will get Force Touch, which allows the watch display to detect any type of pressure applied. I believe that it will operate the same way with the new iPhone's,press down firmly on the display and it'll detect any form of hard presses to its display. Force Touch feature is expected to also enable users to pull up apps and menus.

According to 9 to 5 Mac, Apple will likely end up renaming the feature and call it "Deep Press".

The iPhone Will Finally Get A Better Camera

It really doesn't make any sense that here it is in 2015 the iPhone is still 5 steps behind all the other competitors when it comes to its camera. But with the new pending upcoming iPhone, we should finally see an upgrade in camera specs. Expect to see 12-megapixels rear camera, instead of seeing the same old 8-megapixel camera we've had to deal with for the past 4-gen iPhones. I also expect to finally see a Apple smartphone having the ability to shoot 4K video.

With the bump up in camera upgrade I expect to also see big jump in hardware,speedy processor and there is strong rumors that we should finally see an increase in memory, 2GB of RAM to be exact.

Other Than That..........

There is also rumors that Touch ID will will be more responsive and faster on the iPhones. The smartphones is expected to keep their existing price listing and storage tiers. I'm going to throw in a wildcard prediction and say Apple finally ditches 16GB model.



New Apple TV

Its been a good while since we've seen an overhaul in Apple TV,three years to be exact. Expect Apple to stay true to the rumors and finally reveal the new Apple TV. The hockey puck like device has quietly enjoyed a lot of success and does a fantastic job streaming movies and TV shows. 

There will be a whole new change in the overall Apple TV interface,which would be a big improvement from the infinite grid of rectangles.

The new Apple TV will make it easier for users to search for content by having Siri and universal search,that's right Siri. According Buzz Feed News. Apple TV users will no longer have to rely on typing out a full name of a movie,simply speak to Siri and Apple TV will show which service you want to stream,mission accomplish.

Probably the biggest changes with the new Apple TV is the remote. Supposedly it will get a complete overhaul and change how users will navigate the Apple TV. Remember I mentioned how Siri will play a major role in how users navigate,well Siri will be embedded right into the remote,just speak directly into the device and universal search features will be activated. The remote is suppose to have a swipe-able touchpad,which will make it a lot simpler to navigate around the Apple TV's menus much faster.

More Info......

The new Apple TV box is said to be a lot slimmer than the current model with a bump up in hardware. According to certain tech publications,expect the Apple TV to get a A8 processor,the same chip that's in the current iPhone 6 and will include 8GB or maybe 16GB of storage. Price point will start at $149.



Then There's The iPad Pro

No shock that we could see the iPad Pro being unveil by Tim Cook this coming Wednesday as it been long rumored that Apple was in the works of constructing a bigger iPad.

The display is expected to be the size of most laptops,we're talking behemoth proportion,it will measure in at a massive 12.9-inches,just think,the Mac Pro starts out at 13.3-inches. The display pixel density is expected to be as sharp as the current iPad Air.

The iPad Pro will will be powerful,more powerful than the top tier iPad. According to rumors, within will include a A9 processor and 2GB of RAM. Included along with additional ports on the iPad Pro,there could be NFC wireless like system according AppleInsider.

 There could even be a stylus,yes a stylus which would be a first for the iPad.According to publications Apple will sell a stylus alongside the iPad Pro. 

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