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GIGABYTE Releases Five New Motherboards X170, X150 Series

I've had my dealings with every single motherboard brand that's on the market, from Asus, to MSI. For me Gigabyte is the choice motherboard I prefer too use for my builds.They're reliable, stable, and never fails on me, even under heavy intense workloads. Thus far the complaints are zero. That's why when I read that Gigabyte is releasing a series of new motherboards, I'm somewhat garnished with excitement.

Gigabyte are about to put out five new motherboards too market, the X150 and X170 series to be exact. The motherboards are based on Intel's C236 and C232 chipset and are design primarily for Intel's Xeon processors. The same processors that are found in workstations and servers.

If you're looking to purchase motherboards that will give support to ECC, then the X170-Extreme ECC and the X150-Pro ECC are the motherboards of choice ( ECC stands for Error Correction Memory). On a side note; if you decide to purchase Xeon type motherboard that has an instituted Core "l" chip, buyers must be aware that these new motherboard from Gigabyte are primarily designed for the v5 E3-1200 Xeon series, which are based on the current gen Skylake processors. In case you just so happen to purchase these motherboards, and don't want to use Xeon processor, the lists of compatible processors are Core i3, Pentium, or Celeron chips which is rather surprising.

The most feature rich motherboard is definitely the X170-Extreme ECC, which is the only motherboard that has an instituted C236 chipset. The other four motherboards utlize the C232. More noticeable gains will take place with the C236 chipset that includes 3x display support (zilch on the C232), 20x PCIe lanes versus 8 X lanes , up to 10 USB 3.0 versus 6, and then we have VT-d virtualization support.

There is no confirmation from Gigabyte on market release and pricing. As soon as that happen I will alert you readers via social media. 

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