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PC Tools Weekly: JunkWare Removal Tool By Malwarbytes

We usher in the New Year with another recommended utility from the Tekspecz headquarters. This app we're profiling is underrated and less known amongst the casual computer user,that app is Junkware Removal Tool. 

Created by the guys from Malwarebytes ( yes the famed Malwarebytes) , Junkware Removal Tool purges your computer of PUP's (potentially unwanted programs) such as adware and toolbars that destroys the appearance of your web browser,literally. It's uncommon for casual computer users to accidentally install freeware software that comes bundled with other programs that you should decline to install, but its not abnormal for pesky harmful piece of software to get past your computers line of defense.

Junkware Removal Tool is a pretty basic one-step system cleaner that targets and removes nasty unwanted software such as the annoying PUP's file,nasty adware , the dreaded toolbars that makes your web browser look unsightly and unappealing, and other malicious parasitic system bugs. 

JRT is not your ordinary piece of software,its a executable file that you click on, once open, there appears a Command Line interface. Simply following the apps instructions and let it works it magic. Some apps such as your browser will close out automatically, which is a true testament of how powerful this program is even though the Command Line interface may look a bit unappealing.

The entire scanning process is just five minutes, and it found removed several bugs that Malwarebytes did not catch. Clearly this a app that you should add to your line of other security apps that's guarding your computer.

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