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Cooler Master's Massive CPU Cooler MasterAir Maker 8


That hulking apparatus you see in the image above is Cooler Master's own MasterAir Maker CPU cooler. How big? A massive 5.3 x 7x6 inches, with a 140mm fan installed in a nice sturdy plastic rails. In total making it one of the largest coolers on the market.

It's an all solid balk of metal that includes a black plastic X-brace with captive screws that's resembles a mount that's shipped with the Hyper D92, this will protect your processor from cracking when you add pressure. This price though is grossly expensive at $130, price much higher than competitive coolers on the market. There are close loop water coolers you can purchase on the market for a third of the price.

Test was performed by The Tech Report tested the cooler on a Intel Core i5-6600 CPU against Nepton 240M CPU cooler, results were equally impressive . Where the MasterAir Maker failed in its test was acoustic performance.

All in all, the high price may detract many from purchase, but the MasterAir Maker 8 though massive in size has a pretty nice design with a sick looking copper heat pipes,love the LED illuminated Cooler Master at the top of the tower.

Want the MasterAir Maker 8 CPU cooler for your next computer build, head right over to Amazon where there currently in stock.



Credit Source: Pc Perspective and The Tech Report

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