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Explanation Needed: What Are Hardware Drivers

 If by chance you come upon a inquisitive thought and wonder how does all that hardware and devices operate in unison with your computers operating system, then I'm here too simmer down your high curiosity and explain it all in a nutshell 

 Your computers hardware have to communicate with your operating system ( which is Windows) and software, this is all made possible with what's commonly known as a device driver, or in short a driver. Every single piece of hardware be it external or internal needs a driver to be functional in Windows, your graphics card, USB ports, networking components, and much more all need a driver so it can operate in Windows.

 Drivers provides the computer a software interface to any hardware devices, this enables the entire operating system and other applications to fully access the hardware operation.

To break things down even deeper, the driver communicates with the hardware device through what's call a computer bus. What's a computer bus you ask? Well I'll explain that in a future Explanation Needed, in short, the computer bus is basically a communicative subsystem ( Lanes) to which the hardware connects.

During this whole process, the driver issues a series of commands to the device. The device then sends data back to that particular driver, then in turn invokes routines in the program that's being called.Basically drivers are hardware dependent and operating system specific.

Device drivers main purpose is programming that easily act as a translator between a hardware and the operating system.  

Important fact, from time to time hardware drivers need to be updated. These updates can be retrieved from the hardware vendors website. Microsoft along with its security updates also issue updated hardware drivers. Microsoft has archive of hardware drivers stored on their servers. There are third party software options such as Driver Booster, Slimware that scans your entire system for outdated drivers, then retrieve and upload these drivers onto your system. Third party software makes it so much easier to find,update and install device drivers.

Outdated device drivers almost always impedes performance too your computer. Newly updated device drivers adds stabilization and improves operation. Graphic card manufacturers are constantly issuing driver updates so that users can play the latest graphic intense video game.

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