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Bug Fix:Gigabyte Adds UEFI (BIOS) Updates To GIMPs and Prime95 Skylake Compatible Motherboards

As of late,Gigabyte motherboards that support the latest new gen Skylake processor seem to be having reoccurring system freezing. This seem to occur with motherboards that feature Prime95 and GIMPs processing. Prime95 is a freeware application that is used by GIMPs, its a distributed computing project dedicated to finding new Mersenne prime numbers. Prime95 is referred to both Mac OS X and Windows software. 

If you have been experiencing random freezing good news, Gigabyte has just released a UEFI ( BIOS) update. Head right over to their website and download the patch. Gigabyte is not saying which particular motherboard is experiencing the problem, I'm assuming its the Z170 motherboards which supports the latest generation Skylake processor.

As a bonus the update will also impact the ability to use higher clocked RAM and will also stabilize performance from integrated components such as LAN or SATA. Unlike what updating the BIOS used to be,the whole procedure is very simple and less time consuming.



Credit Source: Pc Perspective and Gigabyte

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