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The Gadget Gear Review Presents: The Galaxy s7 Edge Case OBLIQ Naked Shield

A couple of days ago I  wondered on Amazon like I always do and like I always do I ended up spending money. Now usually I'll spend money on wasteful items that I don't need, which is why I'm seriously trying to save money by staying far away from Amazon. This time though there was a need for me to once again wonder off to Amazon, I needed a case for my now 2 1/2 month old smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge my current daily driver, a beautiful gadget, but one drop on the concrete surface would render my s7 Edge useless.
Searching hard for the right case can be a tall task, I'm generally not a big fan of smartphone cases as they tend to take away from the overall design of the device. For me, a good case streamline perfectly with the smartphone, the hefty bulkiness that I've seen with most smartphone cases just looks so unappealing. 

I finally settled on a smartphone case and it has a long name so bare with me, its call the OBLIQ Clear Naked Shield Slim Fit Crystal. The beauty of this case aside from the protection, it comes with kickstand which for me is the cases biggest selling point because here's a scary thought, I'm probably on my smartphone more than my computer, especially when I'm on the go, a kickstand will allow me to properly place my smartphone on any flat surface watching my favorite YouTube videos while sipping lattes at a StarBuck. The case offers up great protection, enough protection that I'm sure I won't get any hairline cracks on the display if it suddenly drops on the ground.

Importantly, the OBLIQ Shield streamlines perfectly with the s7 Edge's design, the crystal clear theme perfectly camouflages the entire case. With the naked eye from a distance you would swear there's no case on smartphone. So the OBLIQ Shield offers up a streamline design,crystal clear and all, its not without some noticeable flaws.

One flaw that's noticeable is the case is ultra slippery, so slippery like it feels like the case has been rubbed down with oil, yes it's that slippery. My advice to anyone who purchase this case when having it in your hands, be wary of how your holding the smartphone, hold it with firmness.

The added bumper guard offers great protection, I can probably drop this smartphone on its edges ( No pun intended) and I probably won't get the breakage in the display. But the added protective bumper guard adds weight to a smartphone that's originally light in your hands. You definitely feel the weight when you drop it in your pockets. The added weight from the case though gives you a good sense of security knowing that your smartphone is heavily protected.

The case is a definite a buy if you're looking for a prefect balance between great protection and style. For me it streamlines perfectly with the device. The QBLIQ Shield can be purchase at Amazon retailing for $12.99.

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