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Five Features On The Macbook Pro 2016 That's Peaked My Consumer Interest

 Apple announced its new MacBook Pro last week, the 2016 iteration,  I've had time to digest all of its features, bells and whistles that is presented on the device and came up with five standout features that's worthy of consumer purchase.  There five standout features are.....

1: That Touch Bar

If you've read my articles on this site,I always talked about technology game changers, the Touch Bar on the new Mac Pro is that, a technology game changer. This features definitely raises the the laptop to higher level than most laptops on the market, and I'm sure we'll mimics and copy cats. The cynics will probably say the Touch Bar feature more gimmick than an added necessity, why not just implement a touchscreen display altogether. Nonetheless, how the Touch Bar works is simple, running your finger on the bar will give you rapid access to shortcuts, emoji 's, applications, music control, volume and brightness adjustments and much more. Developers will get a chance to add more functions as they see fit. Adobe Photoshop will be one of many apps that will take full advantage of this feature.

2:Much crispier display

The display on the new MacBook Pro though not a touchscreen ( which is a surprise to me) is 67-percent brighter, a 67-percent higher contrast ratio, with 25-percent more colors, definitely making this screen much better than the later generation MacBook Pro. Deal breaker for me in any device, be it mobile or computers is how well lit is the display.


3:Enhanced Audio

Contrary to what one might think, Apple devices aren't perfect, but you can always count on their mobiles devices to have great sound, no matter if its a laptop, tablet or a  smartphone, they all output impeccable sound that booms.

The new MacBook Pro sound will be more enhanced thanks in part to a total redesign that will provide twice the dynamic range, up to 58 percent more volume, with twice as much bass that equates to maximum sound boom. The speaker itself will get direct power from the system, adding more peak power.

4 : Secure With Touch ID

Touch ID, the same bio metric technology used on both the iPhone and iPad is now a welcome edition to the new MacBook Pro. How Touch ID on MacBook operate is pretty crafty, using your very own finger print,  you can secure and encrypt digital information that includes, banking, online purchase and various social media accounts that require a password upon entry.  You also can rapidly switch accounts with just one press of the finger, a feature that should be included on the iPhone and iPad. 

Unfortunately to have full access to Touch ID technology on the new MacBook Pro require you to purchase the more expensive higher end model. 


Thinner, Lighter, Better Design

Why do consumers gravitate to the MacBook and MacBook Air in mass numbers? Because they'er thin and light in weight, that simple. Let's face it, there's something about good hardware being crammed into devices that have a thin uni-body that consumers such as myself seem to want. With the new MacBook Pro, its now 17-percent thinner than the latter models, despite the added power of having a Core i7 processor, bigger battery and all the other mentioned features that's implemented on this device. Easily place it in your backpack without compromising any extra space. 

Lighter at just a mere 3-pounds which is same exact weight as the 13-ich MacBook Air. Incredible in that its actually 13-percent smaller than the MacBook Air.  

The design, though the same as the previous gen models, is much sleeker thanks in part to it being much thinner.  The space grey model adds sleekness to the device, giving it more of a mystique appeal.

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