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Today's Topic is: The Phononic HEX 2.0 Themoelectric CPU Cooler

CPU coolers come a dime a dozen, even liquid versions are plentiful, guess what though, you can purchase liquid coolers dirt cheap now and they're not the large water tank, behemoth coolers of yesteryear ( even though extreme PC builders still use it) they're close loop and more compact, did I mentioned that they're cheap? Since CPU coolers overall are plentiful, why is the Phonoics Hex 2.0 CPU cooler the topic of the day? Because there's some pretty interesting features and tech going on here that's worth mentioning.

First off let me say this, just for the sake of being technical, the CPU coolers full name is the Phonoics Hex 2.0 Thermaelectric CPU cooler, and judging from all the gathered information, looks like we have something special going on here.

What seems to be big girth is actually a compacted cube like design garnished in a all black color scheme. The Hex 2.0 measures in at 3.7 inches across, 4.4 inches in width, 4.9 inches in height. The cooler is said to be compact enough to be fitted into a small chassis that includes a mini-ITX which is pretty amazing considering there is little space to manage.

Image source : Phonoics

Image source : Phonoics

The design and physical dimensions alone isn't the deal breaker here, it's lace with some pretty interesting cooling technology. The HEX 2.0 combines a Thermoelectric module that gives users the ability to control to any appropriate cooling mode through the use of HEX 2.0 app, hows that for innovation. Present is a swappable 92mm fan, yes an actual fan you can swap placed right in the middle of the cooler. Overall, the CPU cooler supports TDP power for overclocking way beyond 140W, its low noise design with 33 dBA at maximum speeds. 

Here's more innovation for you, the HEX 2.0 CPU cooler have a customize LED colored light of your choice that you can turn on or off.

Now here's the deal, with all the innovation and laced features comes a price to be paid, an expensive price that retails for $149.99. Quite pricey indeed but judging from my perspective, there certainly won't be a short change in performance, that is if it lives up to its boasted features. Next build pending, if you're looking for feature rich CPU cooler that seemingly will get the job done even with the most highest powered CPU on the market, I myself would include it in my next build.

All things considering, would you shell out $149.99 for a non-close loop CPU cooler? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.





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