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Rumor Has It GTX 1080 Ti Will Have 10GB VRAM

There are published reports floating around the world wide web of a discovered GTX 1080 Ti shipping Indian manifest, according to the actual print on this manifest, future consumers will possibly be treated to a GTX GPU that will have 10GB of dedicated memory (VARM) and a 384-bit memory bus, if this becomes reality, we'll definitely you a beefed up version of the GTX 1080.

This most certainly heightens rumors of NVIDIA  unveiling the Titan X class graphic card at CES 2017, which will take place in January. Lets deeply examine the manifest, as you can see in the image on the bottom of this passage,it displays an active database showing corroborates findings of PG611 with the already mentioned 10GB GDDR memory SKU 0010 GPU. Also take a look at the 68,276 INR or Indian Rupee, which equates to roughly $1,010.00 in valuation for one unit, this could indicate that this is the actual price of the graphic card.


Whether or not of we'll see a GTX 1080 Ti come to fruition we all have to wait two months for a possible unveiling in January. One thing for sure, expect to see plenty GTX 1080 Ti rumors flood the Internet in the coming weeks.

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