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CybertronPC Are On The Verge Of Launching Their new CLX Line Of PCs

When you think of computer manufacturers,the first thing that comes to mind are HP,Dell ,Acer and Apple. When it comes down to luxury high-end gaming systems, the name that sticks out for me are Alienware, MSI and Maingear. But you may not be familiar with CybertronPC, well there about to make a big splash upon the consumer market by launching their new CLX line of luxurious badass looking PC's.

 Just for the sake of throwing out information, CybertronPC have been in the business of building PCs since 1997 and is  ranked as being the 15th largest PC builder in the US. Now I would copy and paste the boasted company statement, but that'll seem as though I'm some paid consultant trying to sell PCs, so let's jump right too it and look at their pretty interesting looking PCs

Rather unique is how Cybertron are going about branding their PCs. Dubbed the "CLX" which is anncronymn for CybertronPC Luxury Experience, the manufacturer will offer consumers five different systems who names are inspired by Egyptian mythos and science fiction films, again very unique.

This launching from Cybertron has some historic value as it's the very first time the manufacturer will flood the market with fully high end custom performance product line of specialize options that includes the best that money can buy in hardware, overclocking and liquid cooling.


First up we have..... 



The RA is CybertronPCs highend flagship PC line, the top tier out the bunch. Consumers will have an option to configure the RA desktop around Intel's X99 or Z170 platforms supporting the latest Skylake processors, up to four NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphic cards, up to an astounding 64GB of RAM, with liquid cooling setup. 

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The Horus is CybertronPCs mid tower desktop line. It pretty much offers the same type components as seen in the RA desktop, only thing is that interior chassis space is down size a bit and the hardware is scaled down, with two graphics cards instead of four and up to 16GB of RAM, which in itself is still a good amount of system memory. 


Then there is.....



This is the mini-ITX desktop line, though discreet in size this desktop according to CybertronPC still delivers a same powerful performance as with the two mentioned desktop lines, but it's also scaled down with just one single graphic card (Titan X) instead the dual setup.

Luckily, overclocking is still included in this package, with a closed-loop CPU cooling setup already installed.


But wait there's more....



For those who desire highend PC power scaled down to a laptop, good news, CybertronPC will include two laptops in their CLX line. We have the Osiris 17-inch laptop that rivals any high-end desktop in terms of hardware specs. It supports up to a Intel Core i7-6700K processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 graphics chip, with 64GB of DDR4 RAM with option too expand. With all that raw power, the display is sub standard at 1920 X 1080. 


The Anubis gaming laptop by far is my favorite out of the CTX line. It comes with 15.6-inch and 17-inch displays. Nice thin compact design with power packing hardware that includes up to a Core i7-6700HQ processor and a GeForce GTX 970M graphics. 


All ll in all, what you have here is 5 gorgeously design PCs from CybertronPC. How they hold up in benchmark test will be determine by the reviewers. 

Sell of these PCs will start in the coming weeks, starting at $999. 






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