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AMD Announces Its New Zen Processor Which Will Feature Up To 32 Cores, 8 Channel DDR4

Is AMD ready to bring their flailing company back too respectability? Maybe, according to reports the chip manufacturer is about to do it big by releasing the Zen processor. This closely guarded information is not so closely guarded as it was presented at CERN's most recent IT Technical Forum.

As reported by The Tech Report, the CERN engineers revealed AMD's newest Zen line-up processors that will feature up to an astounding 32 cores in a two 16-core modules. These chips will also feature a Symmetrical Multi Threading, this is AMD version of Hyper-Threading.

Also revealed at the forum, the Zen processor will have an increased instruction per clock( IPC)  by about 40% . With additional cores, the Zen will be classified as the most powerful line of CPU's AMD has produced, with potential to improve it's power efficiency as well as using  14nm FinFET technology ( FinFET technology is basically a double gate transistor that's within the processor).

Allegedly, the new Zen processors will lend support to both PCIe 3.0, and eight channel DDR4. This should most certainly bring AMD's line of Zen processors on par with the current gen Intel processors, and potentially give more support for memory channels and deliver more than enough bandwidth to working processors cores.

AMD is expected to make their announcement and release the ZEN processor before the end of the year,2016.

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