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The Wraith CPU Cooler,Lets Talk About It

Its not often that you'll see CPU stock coolers garnish so much attention like that of AMD's Wraith. Usually with stock CPU coolers you have two options,keep it and deal with the sub standard performance or get a better CPU cooler, one that will hold up and keep your processor safely cool during peak operation.For me I usually go with the latter and purchase a third party cooler, no offense but stock CPU coolers aren't best when it comes right down to overall performance.

It's rather odd seeing chip companies like AMD or Intel include updated CPU coolers with their well respected processors, usually stock coolers are less efficient and won't hold up to the test during high peak operations. Let's just say you won't be doing any overclocking with stock coolers.

The FX 8370 will come stock with the "Wraith" cooler. The FX 8370 is no way a new chip, but AMD has discovered the perfect match for the coolers caliber. In profile, the processor sports eight-cores clocked at 4.35GHz.

If you examine the external portion of the Wraith cooler, it looks like your typical modest looking AMD CPU cooler. Yet if you flip the Wraith cooler upside down you'll see the girth size heat sink, with solid copper pipes that makes direct contact with the processor. The overall design of the CPU cooler closely rivals the market coolers seen in high end systems. As an added bonus to the design,the AMD logo lights up when the system is powered on.

How well does the Wraith CPU cooler, Techgage encoded 20-minute segment of a converting  Blu-ray video into an MP4 at high settings. After an hour the FX 8370 processor did not go over 57 degrees C.

During the boot process into Windows,the Wraith cooler fan speed ran at 1,700 RPM,during heavy workloads fan speeds are measured at 3,000 RPM. 

Overall, I like what AMD is during here,an updated processor with an updated CPU cooler.

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