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PC Tools Weekly: Driver Booster


I've been through my share of third party driver updater apps in my computer life time. All had their strength and weaknesses, but there is only one that works too near perfection and that's Driver Booster.

The thing I love most about Driver Booster its very lightweight that seamlessly manages  my outdated drivers for all of my devices.  The most unique feature in Driver Booster is the automatic scan mode which allows users to update drivers and some of your gaming componenets that's detected on your system, such as device,the type,vendor,driver and the provider. 

The whole scanning process is very quick,quicker than all the other driver updater apps I've used. Driver Booster has the ability to automatically download the necessary updates and install them system restore points are created, so that users can revert any changes in case of errors or malfunctions.

Users have the option to halt the download process and enable silent installation mode,uninstall drivers, as well as enable several post-processing actions, such as restart or reboot your system at the end of the task.

All and all,Driver Booster is the app I highly recommend as with many apps I've posted on PC Tools Weekly. It has a nice mix of friendly user interface with a bevy of features that will aid users to update drivers in a rapid fire fashion. If you desire to spend some money,there is a Pro version which you can download from their website.

As always I recommend that you download free software download it from the sources website,stay clear away from websites such as as they often offload computer harming bundleware.

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