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LMcable Sets Sight On Being The World's First USB Charging Cable With 2-in-1 Lightning and Micro USB Connector

Over the years there have been countless tech gadgets being launch out from the Kickstarter incubator, some of which have gone on to be enjoy greater pastors of consumer success. One such gadget that started out as Kickstarter project and became very successful is the Pebble Smartwatch which sold 400,000 units in just 6 months going on to be the very first company to successfully launch the smartwatch.

LMcable is the latest Kickstarter project who's setting it sights on being the very first on the planet to develop a cable that contains 2-in-1 connector that can charge devices using both the Lightning and MicroUSB connectors.

In description, one side of the 2.4A charging cable has the famous Lightning connector which of course charges all Apple products that includes iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini, iPod touch. On the other hand the reverse side has the Micro USB connector for devices such as Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone smartphones.

The cable itself is uniquely designed with stitched leather measuring about 1 meter long with tin-plated copper wires to insure durability. There is a basic brass buckle included which allows users to coil the cable very neatly so there is no tangling. 

There is of course some issues with what seemingly is a great idea, the cable itself lacks MFi certification, Apple MFi Program has very strict guidelines Being that its a custom Lightning-Micro USB connector combined,there is question whether or not the cable will be approved as an official accessory.

Another issue is the cable lacks true reversibility of being an official Lightning cable, this means it can only be plugged into an iPhone in one direction, pretty much like Apple's very old 30-pin docking cable or the ever so traditional USB Type-A connector.

With that said, the LMcable has peaked my interest, its AUD funding has exceeded its $5,000 goal. Like most Kickstarter projects, there is  no guarantees of actual consumer shipment. But if by chance there is an interest in this mobile device accessory, simply pledge $21 AUD on Kickstarter to receive one cable, or $43 AUD to receive three cables, color schemes includes Sunlight White, Vintage Brown, Moonlight Black. LMcable plan on shipping out these cables in mid-April pending.

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