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Micro Center Weekly Deals: CyberPower Systems SX650 650VA UPS

Uninterruptible power supply are is something that every home and office should have if you running an array of electronic equipment. It safeguards PC's , networking devices such as routers,  switches and home entertainment system from sudden blackouts  and power failures. It basically keeps your equipment on for a considerable length of time. Giving you chance to properly power down your equipment. Sudden power outages in case you're wondering can damage you computers and electronic equipment. 

With that said, Micro Center has a CyperPower Systems SX650 UPS for sale for a good price at $49.99. Normally these devices are pretty pricey, but these days I'm starting to see vendors price list UPS for a reasonable price.

The SX650G has a capacity of 650 VA375 Watts, eight outlets, four widely-space  to accommodate very large plugs. 

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