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The Logitech M510 Budget Wireless Blue Mouse: The Review, $25

Never in my entire computer life have I known to have a mouse crap out after a year in a half of ownership. I mean my experience with a mouse is always been everlasting, literally. Once I've purchase a mouse the life expectancy is usually infinite, that is until last week when my Mad Catz RAT 3 gaming mouse decided it just didn't want to work anymore. So it was time for me to get a new mouse. Now I did not want purchase another gaming mouse at this time, nor did I want to spend a great deal of money on a mouse. This led me to hit up Amazon and look for a mouse that falls in the $25-$40 price range. I just needed a nice mouse to get me through my daily computer tasks, but at the same time I was not going to just settle for something cheap and flimsy.

In comes my new mouse, the Logitech M 150 Blue wireless mouse, price of this mouse if you're curious is just $25. So what's my opinion about this mouse? Well good news,I've spent a couple days with this computer peripheral and I present you my review.

The Design

First off lets take a look at the Logitech M510 wireless mouse, the design. Lace with a nice looking powder blue color scheme, a contour shape that surprisingly feels good in my palms,then we have the rubberized grip that keeps the mouse from slipping out the hands,which I have to say is very effective. A little bit confusing is the back/forward buttons that's placed on the left side of the mouse, see its back/forward buttons main intent is to bring up your previous webpage in your web browser, which for me serves no purpose. Nevertheless, at the same time back/forward button is effective, just not needed.

On the Logitech M150 there is the usual scroll wheel and right click/left click button that's well placed right under my two fingers. I must say, the mouse overall ergonomically feels good in my hands.

Those Features

As expected, this budget wireless mouse has minimal features that's  interesting to say the least. It connects with Logitech's own Unifying receiver which by the way can add up to six Unifying devices at one time. Now there is software you can download dubbed the "unifying software" which for some reason refused to connect to my mouse, in fact as I'm writing this piece, I still can't get the software to find my mouse, so its safe to say it serves me no distinct purpose.

Moving right along, the Logitech M150 has a On/Off switch, powered by 2 AA batteries with sleep mode and a battery life indicator which only stays on for a quick 10 secs after you power up your mouse,so if you want to know if your batteries is about to lose its life cycle,you have seconds to view its indicator.

What About That Performance

I've tested the mouse across variety of apps and yes games though technically this mouse was not constructed for gaming. For the most part the mouse held up well, but,yes there is a BUT to this. The mouse overall is responsive, but that depends on what surface your running the mouse on. Flat wooden surfaces for some reason is supremely fast and yes, responsive. While on mouse pad made of rubber, the response time was very slow, then switch to an all metal mouse pad the damn mouse doesn't even work. I think all attributed to a sub par sensor within the mouse. Even on the cheapest of mouses I've never had this problem.

With that said, in terms of overall performance, the Logitech M150 falls in the decency category, not great.

Final Thoughts.....

Ergonomically for the me the Logitech M150 is perfect, nice oval design that fits perfectly into the palms of my hand,  and I love the rubberized grip which gives the mouse a certain level of sturdiness . Now for the bad, the two Back/ Forward buttons on the left side of the mouse has limited use other than going from one website to another within your web browser. Then there is the inconsistency of the mouse response to different surfaces, on flat wood surfaces its fast, on a rubberized mouse pad, its slow, metallic mouse pad, non operational, which indicates to me you have a lousy sensor embedded into the mouse.

Yet at the same time I shouldn't expect much from a mouse that has a $25 price point, which is not a disrespect to the Logitech M150. Though it has some drawbacks, I would still recommend this mouse to anyone looking for a budget wireless mouse.



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