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EKWB Shows Off Its Nickel Plated Monarch Water Cool Ram HeatSpreaders

EKWB , the Slovenian liquid-cooling hardware manufacturer is releasing something to market that is very interesting to me, they are blinging out their EK-RAM Monarch Modules adapters. The Monarch Modules are basically RAM heat spreaders that allow PC builders cool down any memory module in working tandem with the EK-RAM waterblock similar to the Monarch X2.

These new modules are very similar to their existing black modules, but they have a nice shiny nickel plated finish. Included in each kit are parts to replace heatspreaders on both memory modules. The thermal pads that is on these modules facilitate heat transfer from the memory chips onto CNC'ed aluminum heatsinks.

Memory waterblock can be screwed right on top of the eventual replaced memory heat-spreaders. Heat transfer is made possible from the heatsinks to the block and finally to a water loop, making this a very unique water cooling memory setup.

Surprisingly the new Monarch modules are reasonably priced at $34.99. As an option if you want to water cool your RAM the Monarch X2 waterblock adapter is priced at $38.99.

Now for me water cooling memory modules is extreme overkill, I normally just water cool my processor. With that said,  looking to overclock your memory module with a little bit of added bling, go with the Monarch.



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