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Corsair and Cherry Unveils The Lighting Fast Cherry MX Speed Keyboard

Corisair has announced and unveiled three brand new keyboards, the K70 RGB Rpaidfire, K65 RGB Rapidfire, and the K70 Rapidfire all three keyboards will sport Cherrys own MX speed switch technology. Each keyboard will have an acuation distance of about 1.2 millimeters and a activation that will measure about 45c ( that's 45.887229584 gram force).

All three announced keyboards overall uni body will have brushed aluminum shell, two RGB models have the ability to produce any spectrum with the remaining models featuring a red back light color scheme. These keyboards are compatible with CUE LINK, which can synchronize with Corsair's LED keyboard, your mouse and gaming headset.

There is 100% anti-ghosting and a full key roll over in your USB, which means while gaming under heavy intense use these keys will still register. Typing faster on these keyboards aren't a problem as Corsair's claims light taping will still register any character. Those who have wrist problems from prolong use of the keyboard, good news each keyboard courtesy of Corsair will ship wrist rest.

Want these keyboards attach to your computer? They're available right now for purchase, $169.99 for the K70 RGB Rapidfire, $139.99 for the K65 RGB Rapidfire and $129.99 for the K70 Rapidfire.

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