Windows 10 Tweaking Tips Weekly: Setting Up Virtual Desktops

One the of most beautiful things I love about about Windows 10 other than fact that the Start Menus is as what it once was, with an added twist of course, but there are a lot of hidden features and tweaks that you can unlock making Windows 10 more of a enjoyable experience.

Probably for me,  one of the best features in Windows 10 its native support for virtual desktops. Virtual desktop makes it very simple for users to spread across several desktops at any given time. Simply click the "Task View" button that's placed on the task bar, that's the button that situated right next to your Start Menu, or you can also press Windows-Tab to bring up your new Task-Switcher,then as a option click "New Desktop" to add a second desktop. You have the option to drag app thumbnails to any desired desktop, or you can simply right click and then choose "Move to" select any particular desktop.