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Micro Center Weekly Deal: SanDisk SSD Plus SATA III 6Gb/s 2.5" Internal Solid State Drive

There is a saying within the tech community and that is once you've installed a SSD into a computer ,you'll never go back to the old spinning drives. Main benefits of having a SSD is speed, superior speed. With that said, I recently had my SSD die on me, I refuse to use the old hard drive (the spinning drive that is) I have laying around my house, so its imperative that I replace the SSD with another. That led me to going right on Micro Center website to search for a new SSD. 

With success I found a SanDisk SSD Plus SATA III for a mere price of $64.99. I'm currently using this SSD right in my computer,the very same computer I'm using to write this piece. The solid state drive is very fast, stable, with quicker boot ups and shut down. In fact for me I think this particular drive is better than the Samsung EVO 850 that died on me.

The SanDisk has garnished raved reviews from several tech publications,  I myself can certainly attest to its greatness. Plenty available at Micro Center right now.

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