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Micrsoft's Word Flow,A iOS Third Party Keyboard Finally Done Right

If there's one thing that Android gets right constantly is their third party keyboard. On iOS devices though,not so much. I'm a go out on a limb and call it for what it is, third party keyboards on iOS for me is just horrible. It was suppose been revelation when Apple finally allowed developers to institute third party keyboard apps for iOS devices. Everybody including myself was jumping for joy, yes we'll finally get third party apps for the iPhone. That joyful celebration was short lived when I downloaded my first app and encountered a bevy of bugs and confusion. Often I found it very uncomfortable typing on third party keyboards on the iPhone. 

There is hope for us iPhone users, Microsoft has announced that Word Flow is now available for iOS devices which you can download right now free of charge. I've read such great praises for Word Flow which is the defaulted keyboard for the Windows smartphone, most have boasted that its best keyboard app out there.

About That App

Since downloading Word Flow thus far I got to say I like it,unlike all the other third party keyboard apps, I'm still using this app after a day and half of use and not using it for the sake of writing this article. The main standout feature with Work Flow is "one-handed mode. This lets users swipe or tap out certain words by moving the keyboard to the side that shapes into a arc,like what you see in the image headlining this article.

More additions includes customization that you can apply to the keyboard background, you can use the defaulted Work Flow themes or you can add your own image. Typing on Work Flow takes some getting use to I must admit, a lot of typing errors for me until I got use to the placement of the characters on the keyboard. 

Overall if you're finally looking for a third party keyboard that gets it right, for me its Work Flow all the way.  Word Flow is now available in the US App store.



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