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Next Level Tech: Flyte Levitating Light Bulb

What you see right there in the image above is an actual light bulb that's levitating all while the bulb is powered on. This definitely some next level tech here ( which is the theme for this post) never before seen by yours truly. Is this form of technology new? The answer is no. There's levitating Bluetooth speakers already starting to gain some market notoriety, but levitating light bulbs that's powered on is very much new age sci-fi stuff that you would see in placed somewhere in Tony Stark's lab.

This recently launched Kickstarter project by Flyte ( the company that made this device)  wirelessly powered light bulb hovers stationary in the air by way of magnetic levitation.There is no contact whatsoever and draws it power from a charging block that it hovers above.

How it operates is not as complex as you think. Within its wooden base there is two important features that make all the magic happen, there is an array of electromagnetic and magnetic induction charger. When users lower the LED light bulb onto the block, the outermost electromagnets serves as an attraction to the bulbs base, all while the inner magnets which is slightly stronger creates a repel  force. This the entire bulb holds in place causing it to hover a few centimeters above the block.

Once the bulb is within range, the receiver at the bulb's base enables power from the charger block via magnetic induction, this then supplies just enough power to light up a series of LEDs. The power capability of this power module transmit roughly 5V of electricity. It even can also be used to charge a smartphone and tablet, when of course the bulb is not being use.

At this very moment you can place your order for Flyte levitating bulb which isn't some cheap little gizmo, they're requiring you to pay $349. You can order it directly from their website. This most certainly is innovation at its finest though the price would probably have those rethinking whether or not is it worth having a gadget which at best more than likely be a novelty item. You have to admit though, the Flyte levitating light bulb would be a great conversational starter amongst your friends.

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