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SilverStone Argon Series AR07 CPU Cooler: Lets Talk About It

Who said you have to lay down a considerable amount of cash on a Air Cooler just to enjoy the fruits of a well cool processor. Depending on your overall computing need, you don't always have purchase a liquid base CPU cooler. In fact even if you plan doing any overclocking, CPU air coolers will do just fine. One air cooler that comes to mind and is the topic of this post is SilverStone's own Argon Series AR07.

This particular air cooler has the features and technology to cool any processor ( includes Intel and AMD)  under intense operation. It features three 8mm thick copper heat pipes connected to the base that uses heat pipe direct contact (HDC) technology, all while maintaining its Argon series signature features. The AR07 CPU air cooler is coupled with an all new 140mm PWM which should give excellent airflow to noise ratio, with silents pushing away an excessive amount of CPU heat, aiding in cooling surrounding components on your motherboard.

The design is pretty interesting as it has the exclusive heatsink fin design with a interweaving diamond edge and a included arrow guide.

Coolers of this stature are very much girth in size so you'll need a PC case that has a enough room accommodation. So what does the SilveStone Argon ARO7 cost in price? Try $46 and you can now purchase it from Amazon or any other hardware vendor.

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