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Lian Li Unveils Its Budget Friendly Line Of PC Cases,PC K6X,PC-K6SX,PC-K5X,PC-K5WX

Those of you who aren't familiar with Li Lian you should be, their the guys (company) who make the well known DK series electrical adjustable desk. What you guys probably didn't know is Lian Li create and manufacture a ton of computer peripherals that range from powers supplies to mouse + keyboards. In this written piece by yours truly, we'll discuss their new line of computer chassis that they have unleashed to market dubbed the Ebonsteel. As the name suggest, these are steel structured cases, and the big deal is they are very affordable.

There are four cases in a line-up that compromising the PC-K5X, PC-K5WX, PC-K6X and PC-K6SX. 

Both the PC-K5X and PC-K5WX mirror each other, with the "W" versions including a side panel window. Both these cases supports any ATX size motherboard and come stock with a 120mm fans. There's enough space to include a 240mm radiator, and of course standard in all PC cases includes a 2.5" and 3.5" hard drive bays. Turn to the front panel there's a full mesh design, a noticeable bulge on the right side of the panel. Behind the motherboard tray there's is additional room for proper cable management. 

Just look, notice how the cables can go behind the motherboard tray

Just look, notice how the cables can go behind the motherboard tray



Switching over to the PC-K6X and PC-K6SX, I would say these particular cases are geared toward the extreme builders as they're the more versatile cases, and can accommodate more powerful components. The "S" in these two cases stand for silent, laced with sound dampening material on the side panels and front door that swivels which covers the optical drives bays.

Very much resembles the Fractal PC cases

Very much resembles the Fractal PC cases

These two ATX case have immense capabilities, capable of supporting cards measuring 12.2-inches. There is more than enough space to accommodate a 170mm CPU cooler, which should cover most CPU coolers on the market. Compared to the K5 series, they can only take graphic cards no bigger than 10-inches, that is of course you don't remove the drive cages.

The K6 series cases also capable of mounting seven drives which includes both 2.5 and 3.5-inch drives. Cooling includes the same as the K5 series which includes the same three 120mm fans, but will support a much larger 280mm liquid cooling radiator.

Now there is some one eye raising questions I have for Lian Li, like why is there only one USB 3.0 ports on your K5 models? Your standard PC case has at least two and I'm wondering why no dedicated 2.5-inch drive not found anywhere? Yes it makes me wonder with inquisitive thoughts.  In all,  you can't argue the fact these are decently designed cases that's structurally built out of steel you get for a pretty reasonable price.By the way If you're wondering about the price, look no further than list on the bottom of this paragraph.

  • PC-K5X (US$56)
  • PC-K5WX (US$60)
  • PC-K6X (US$93)
  • PC-K6SX (US$109


Credit Source: Li Lian





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