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Intel Skull Canyon NUC6itKYK Mini PC, The Palm Size PC With Might

I think its mans main mission today is to create a powerful pint size computer that's the size of a cube. Something you've probably seen in several science fiction films. Intel somewhat have imitated life and art with its successful line of NUC (Next Unit of Computing). One that comes to mind is the Compute Stick, which has won over consumers and has generated positive reviews from several tech publications. Imagine that, an actual computer that you can place on the back of your TV via HDMI slot. Powerful enough to run a full fledged operating system in Windows.

Intel keeps its line of mini PC's flowing by releasing its newest creation, the Skull Canyon PC, I call it the palm size PC with might. This miniature PC with might measures only 4.5-inches so yes its small enough to fit the palm of your hands, powerful enough to rival any of your standard desktop computers today.

Is  the Skull Canyon PC powerful enough to run some of your basic apps that's used on your desktop computers and embark in some gaming is probably the question you're asking as you read this post, well to answer that question is yes. Coming fully loaded with some pretty decent hardware, starting with Intel's own Skylake Core i7-6770HQ processor with a 2.6GHz base clock/ 3.5GHz boost clock. Now here's were it gets interesting in regards to its memory and storage, interesting because the Skull Canyon PC does not come with either of the two, making it technically a barebones system. But  looking at its potential makes it very amazing to say the least. There is two 260-pin slots for DDR4 up 3200MHz SO-DIMM memory, you can max install 32GB of RAM. On the storage front, the Skull Canyon has 2 x M.2 SSD slots for the NVMe technology or it can also house any SATA SSD. As a bonus, you can add more storage as it has a SD card reader slot (SDXC card reader to be exact).

Courtesy of HotHadrware this what a completed system looks like adding more value to this PC, pricey value that is

Courtesy of HotHadrware this what a completed system looks like adding more value to this PC, pricey value that is

What about its discrete graphics? Skull Canyon does not disappoint in this area as it has Intel's own Iris Pro graphics 580- 72 EUs, 128 of eDRAM cache. Enough capability here to engage in some gaming. Yes there is the standard USB 3.0 ports ( count em, three), but interesting enough it has 1 x Thunderbolt port. Networking connections is powered by Intel a  1219-LM Gigabit Ethernet LAN adapter and Wireless-AC 8260 WiFi (802.11ac).

Its outer shell design is Black textured and polish with replaceable customizing lids, yes you the user can add flavor to its design. The structure itself is made out of aluminum and plastic which should make it very light in weight.

Sum it all up,you have yourself a very powerful device that's diminutive in stature, which once again Intel has proven you can create powerful computer packaged in a small enclosure. Now if your curious about the price its street value is $650, now that might detract those who have a interest in purchase, especially being that it's a barebones system. Nonetheless, the Skull Canyon is definitely the future of personal computing, small,powerful and efficient.

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