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Intel's New Broadwell E Core i7-6950X: Lets Talk About It

 Intel has just released a new line of  Extreme Edition processors, headlining these processors is Intel's very first 10-core consumer option chip that'll run you a lot cash amounting to $1723 for the Core i76950X. At that price the processor better run the entire Space X program. Seriously, for the deep pocket tech enthusiast you get 3GHz of immense power capable of working 20 threads, with a turbo boost speed measuring 3.5GHz. My question to Intel is and yes, I'm really asking this question, why do I need such immense multitasking processing power. 

That question can be answered by knowing Intel's intent, which by the way according to the chip titan is to have PC power users play graphically intense 4K resolution games while engaging in other resource demanding tasks without your system skipping a beat in performance. The extra processing cores will have the new chip on a level of its own when handling any resource intensive tasks that will run in parallel.  Intel have displayed stats to prove that this processor means serious business, it runs up to 35 percent faster when performing 3D rendering, 25 percent faster when video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, and finally 20 percent faster video trans coding with HandBrake. All of these are resource intense app that will operate more smoothly and faster.

The Broadwell-E line processors includes three other chips. For a step down in price you get the Core i7-6900K, this processor will run 8-cores at 3.2GHz priced at $1,089. We also have Core i7-6850K running at 3.4GHz and 6-cores, priced at $617, and finally we have that Core i7 6800K which runs at 3.4GHz, this particular processor is priced at just $434, definitely more easy on the wallet then the other mentioned processors. More than likely you'll see consumers gravitate towards the cheapest option available in the Extreme edition lineup.

All of the new Broaldwell-E processors will be unlocked which means potential purchasers will have unlimited overclocking ability at their disposal.  All will give full support to quad-channel memory. 

There is no release date, but according to Intel expect the new Broadwell-E processors to be release to market very soon.



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