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SilverStone Strider Titanium Series 600W PSU: Lets Talk About It

Its been quite some time ( maybe several months) since I profiled a power supply unit on this website, its really a shocker considering that the majority of my post deal with PC hardware. When I do actual written coverage on power supplies, like any other hardware, it really must wow me impression, like what we have here with the SilverStone's latest creation, the Strider Titanium Series 600W PSU is  impressive piece of hardware that deserves some written coverage.

We're so used to seeing well known brands like Corsair and ThermalTake grab all the headlines when they stock the market with new power supplies, but SilverStone are long time players in the power supply game, continuing line of enclosures such as, power supplies, fans, coolers, and other PC accessories. Most power supplies I've covered in the past deals with the usual specs and features. With SilverStone though, there's something special going on here as they have up the ante with its new series of power supplies which includes three 80-Plus Titanium power supply units which are ST60F-TI, ST70F-TI, and ST80F-TI. Impressive is three of these units are billed as being " the worlds smallest" 80-Plus Titanium full modular ATX power supply, measuring just 5.9-inches (180mm).

Nothing in a way of innovation with 80-Plus Titanium efficiency standard power supplies as they have been on the market since 2012. What you get with these power supplies though is demanding specifications, adding higher efficiency requirements at 20%, 50% and 100% loads, the Titanium standard by the way adds a new requirement at 10%. This gives insurance that any Titanium certified power supply will operate at peak 90% efficiency over a full range of loads and will deliver up to 94% efficiency at 50% load. Take a few seconds and examine the specs on the bottom of this paragraph.

Specs and Features of the SilverStone ST60F-TI power supply

•    80 Plus Titanium certified for super-high efficiency
•    Compact design with a depth of 150mm for easy integration
•    All-modular, flat ribbon-style cables
•    100% all Japanese made capacitors
•    Strict ±3% voltage regulation and low AC ripple and noise
•    Powerful single +12V rail
•    Four PCI-E connectors for multiple GPU support
•    Safety Protections: OCP, OTP, OPP, UVP, OVP, and SCP
•    Quiet 120mm fan with Fluid Dynamic bearing
•    140mm dust filter
•    5-Year warranty

Probably the most noted features between and Titanium Series and SilverStone's Strider Platinum Series is increased efficiency. The Strider Titanium chassis is much longer than the Platinum Series power supply unit at 10mm, SilverStone by the way has eliminated the semi-fanless fan controller in all three of their units. This move from SilverStone will enable the fan to spin very slow making it virtually silent, even at a low power state, this keeps minimal air moving within the power supply.

Something I rarely see in power supplies and that's all modular flat ribbon-style cable setup which is what you have with Strider Titanium Series including for six or eight pin PCI-E connectors. I don't know about you but I feel the need to order these units,which by the way you can get on Amazon right now for ST60F-TI $139.99 USD, ST70F-TI $154 and ST80F-TI $169.99 USD.

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