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Some Features I Like In macOS Sierra

Can Apple get some love on this site? Sure it can. After all I do own and have reviewed products made by Apple, from iPhone's to Macs, and yes I own a Apple TV, you won't get any bias tech coverage from me. This definitely places me in the pop-tech culture ( pop culture is millennial for you're with it) because a dude like me loves his gadgets no matter who's the manufacturer. While we're on the topic, Apple this week held its annual WWDC keynote address, it's at this conference  is where developers and many members of the press gather around see the latest software created by Apple. This year we have macOS Serria , iOS 10 and tvOS. 

Since macOS Serria ( yes you notice the name change no more OS X) is the topic at hand, there are some impressive features I like in this upcoming new upgrade that  bares discussion.

I like Siri on a Mac

You now have Siri Mac like finally, you would've thought that Apple would have done this since Siri's inception. Nonetheless, it's there, I actually think Siri would be better served being on a computer than on a mobile device. The digital assistant Mac  behaves pretty much like its iPhone cousins, such as offering directions, create a playlist of your favorite artist, search anything on the web. It will have the ability reference your conversation, so you can play it back.  Even bigger news, Siri API is now open to developers offering up new improvements for Siri to become even more intelligent.

 I like Universal Clipboard

Clipboard works like this, you share any written quotes or pictures from macOS to to your smartphone, copying and pasting accross multiple platforms. Works sort of like Evernote, which I'm sure it's what inspired to come up with Clipboard.

I like the new and improve Apple Pay 

When they did the demo with Apple I was sort of confused, are we to use our entire laptop to make a payment purchase? Thank god that is not the case. With Apple Pay now on the macOS, you are not granted with using Apple entire payment system at any online retailer. Forget the smartphone, you can even now use your Apple Watch or finger print reader to authenticate any purchase.

I like Picture and picture 

The closest thing to picture and picture on Widows is minimizing your entire window just so you watch video while attending to much needed task on your PC. With PnP on the macOS, you now easily have the option to place your video in a small box. Sort of like what you see with the latest iPad that's rocking iOS 9. 

 I like Optimized storage


This feature is definitely a why didn't Microsoft think of this one, no shade throwing here, just saying. The Optimize Storage feature in macOS Serria cleans up unneeded files, archiving what unimportant directly to your iCloud, clever.



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