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How Fast Is The GeForce GTX 1070? Very Fast

How fast is the new GeForce 1070? Its quite fast. Now I can end this post right here, but then that would short change my readers from receiving valuable information. With that said, the GeForce 1070 GPU is fast, faster by 9-10 percent than the Titan X and 980 Ti, and 36 percent faster than the GTX 980.

The speed of the GeForce 1070 does not tell the entire story, the true testament of great hardware is to run benchmark tests. In the latest benchmark tests done by PC Gamer, in comparison to other graphic cards we'll look at the  FPS results. In the Fifteen Game Average, in comparison to modern GPU FPS tests, the GTX 1070 scored a 111.9 while the GTX Titan X scored a 102.4, the GTX 980 Ti 101.3. In the Ashes of the Singularity DX12 FPS test, once again the GTX 1070 bold well by scoring a 63.7 while the GTX Titan X scored a 58.1   GTX 980 Ti  scored a 57.3. In Batman Arkham Origin,  once again the GTX 1070 wins all out by scoring a 219.9, while the Titan X scored 183.0,  GTX 980 183.0.

There were more gaming benchmark tests done by PC Gamer, but for the sake of keeping this post short and compact we'll stop it right here. 

What I learned?  Not only is the GeForce GTX 1070 pretty fast on paper, but stacked against some of the best graphic cards in the game, it scored well in recent benchmark tests. It literally beats out the GTX 980Ti, GTX Titan X, and even AMD's R9 Fury X, and it also beats out every other current single GPU solution on the market.

I must remind you that the GeForce GTX 1070 is only $450, which makes it even that more impressive.


Credit Source: PC Gamer

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