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Next Level Tech Presents:The Pebble Core 3G loT Wearable With Amazon Alexa Voice Support

Pebble is at it again with another heavily funded Kickstarter project, yes they have unveiled some new smartwatches along with this device about to reveal in this post. This particular device has gained a heavy backing to the sum of $10 million large. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Pebble's newest gadget, the Core. Not in a line of the usual smartwatch from Pebble but almost a cube like wearable that you can link with Amazon's Alexa, bringing about a voice automated service that you activate independently via 3G network. So to put things in perspective, this new device from Pebble is basically a portable version of Alexa that can clip on any article of clothing or backpack.

Now you don't need a quote from the company CEO to tell you that this is potentially a technological game changer of any type of wearable tech.  From a functionality standpoint, combining Alexa with Pebble Core will enable any user to play music, hear news updates,  shop online, provide you with the weather and news updates, answer questions and even order food from your favorite eatery. Pebble Core can also monitor your health for an entire day using Pebbles Health summary which includes your heart rate, step count and calorie burned. 

Pebble Core is not open platform for for all smart watches, it's basically an added accessory for the Pebble Time and Pebble 2 smartwatches . Included is a embedded GPS, 3G modem and WiFi connectivity, 4GB of internal storage and a built-in microphone for voice recording. It operates on Android 5.0 and includes a SDK access, hardware expansion port and two programmable buttons.

For me the best feature with the Pebble Core is its Internet connectivity, users will have full access to streaming services like Spotify, output audio directly through any headphone jack, with wireless headphones via Bluetooth connectivity.

The Pebble Core will be allowed to sync with GPS data that includes RunKeeper, Scarva , Underamour Record as well as Pebble Smartwatches. It also has a incorporated loT technology that act as a smart device that will enable users to track your pets ( yes your doggy and kitty), call a Uber driver, even go as far as unlocking their car, definitely next level tech here.  It can also take full control of any smart devices within your home. Lets a take a brief interlude and checkout this video on the bottom of this paragraph.


According to Pebble, the Core will have 5.5 hours of sustainable  battery life, as a option you can charge it using Qi wireless charging.

As of now, the Pebble Core can only be purchase thru Kickstarter with a $69 early bird special price.  Expected market release will be in January 2017 and will retail for $99 USD.


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