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Another Launched Processor By Intel, The Xeon E7 v4


It's been a busy two weeks for Intel, last week we seen consumer level processors like the Broadwell-E edition being unveiled to the general masses, now we have another unveiling of eleven SKU's Xeon processors from Intel, all based on the Broadwell-EX edition.

The cores within the Xeon processors range from four to twenty four cores, with an added HyperThreading support. Then we have the available cache size range from 20MB to 60MB.  Intel's has instituted a unique naming scheme with their new Xeon processors. The lead number after the E7  product name is is based off of the number of CPU's that can be installed in a multiple socket system. The E7-8XXX product line can operate in an eight socket motherboard, the E7-4XXXX on the other hand is limited to just four sockets per system. TDPs (Thermal Design Power)  range between 115W and 166W, pretty high when you consider that Intel main goal is to produce processors that's efficient yet consume less power, but high TDP is expected with this particular processor because it runs on a pretty high frequency. 

The Intel Xeon E7 v4 prices will be listed between $1222 and a whopping $7174 per CPU. These processors are definitely for that super highend workstation and server.


Key Tech Term TDP:  Is Acronym for Thermal Design Power is the maximum amount of heat generated by the CPU that the cooling system in the computer is allowed to dissipate  

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