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CoolChip Technologies Gives Us Glimpse Of Their New Kinetic Cooler For The SkyLake Processors

During CES 2015 (yes last year) I saw images and read articles of the CoolChip Technologies new prototype Kinetic cooler being displayed at the trade show. Since then I haven't seen the CPU cooler materialize onto the market, but then again,this is a prototype, and you should that prototypes of anything is not always readily available for consumers, if ever. Here it is present day 2016 and once again CoolChip Technologies are making their way around the tech inner circle with teased photos and some written information of their Kinetic Cooler.

CoolChip Technologies are not alone in their efforts in creating what appears to be a very unique CPU cooler as the company have teamed up with Cooler Master in creating what seems to be something promising in the works. Now I say the cooler is pretty unique in that it has a hockey puck design with a spinning heatsink. It's not to big and bulky like what I'm use to seeing with most coolers on the market. Instead its very compact in its stature.

Specifically, the teased information from CoolChip Technologies Kinetic Cooler is made strictly to cool Intel Skylake processors with up to 70W TDPs. They also have stated that market release will be soon, with no specifics on date or pricing.

In detail, the kinetic cooler has stationary base plate with a motor that spins a small array of fins that should transfer heat from its base plate to the spinning heatsink via a thin layer of air that will offer balance to the heatsink. The spinning heatsink is surrounded by stationary rings of fins that looks like its connected to the base plate using the heat pipes for added potential cooling. Part of the impeller (vertical) fins are setup angled in one direction while the outer stationary ring have a horizontal fin angled the opposite direction. The impeller pulls cool air in and pushes it outward through its stationary fins and out into the case, the case fans then takes over by exhausting hot air directly out of the case.

Other notable features includes a braided cable with the fan header getting power directly from the CPU_Fan header that's situated on your motherboard. Judging from the images I've viewed it appears there's at least a 4-pin connector and may give support to PWM.

It seems as though the Kinetic Cooler is in the final stages of being release to market, there's the image of the actual finish product in its package, there's also image of a four color option impeller that will enable users to color customize any  heatsink  to match your PC's color scheme.

I got to say CoolChip's new Kinetic Cooler looks very promising and I would not mind having it for my next computer build. How will it hold up in terms of overclocking and general operation remains to be seen, stay tune.



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