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GeForce GTX 1070: The Much Smaller Mini ITX Edition

 When manufacturers like AMD and NVIDIA release a new graphic card to market,you'll almost always see different iterations of the same graphic card to follow from the likes of ASUS and MSI, this includes a total makeover from the original stock design and improved cooling.

Now we have Gigagyte, which has come up with something new and different with their version thus far. Ladies and gentleman I bring you the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 ITX Edition, which is a much smaller version of the of the current stock GTX 1070 we currently see on the market at just 6.7 inches long, in comparison to the 11.4 standard version.

The shrunken version most certainly does not mean there's impeded performance, in fact from reading the full details of the graphic card, the ITX Edtion has a overclock core chip by 50MHz with a core clock measuring in at 1556MHz during OC Mode compared to the GTX 1070 Founders Edition which is 1506MHz. In the boost clock setting, it runs at 1746MHz compared to 1683MHz. Nothing has change with the GDDR5 memory which is still 8GB.

If you follow the tech scene very closely as I do, you know this isn't the first and only graphic card of its kind, last year we seen the likes of ASUS and Gigabyte take the GTX 970 and shrink it down making it easy for mini-ITX motherboards to accommodate such high performing graphic cards.

Is graphic cards like the GeForce GTX 1070 ITX Edition made strictly for ITX systems? No. I've personally included ITX graphic cards on much bigger motherboards in past system builds. You still get the same performance as you do with standard size graphic cards and have plenty space to spare within your PC case.

There is no time table as to when the GTX 1070 ITX edition will be release to market or what will be the price point. But at UK's Overlockers Club website, they have the price already listed at £430 that's slightly premium over the standard edition.


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