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Here's What I've Learned About AMD Zen Processor

Through my reading and research I've partaken in for the past couple of days on  AMD's newest upcoming Zen processor's, I've gathered a lot good useful information. This is a pretty big deal for AMD, a definite flagship processor for the chip titan. Here's what I've learned. 

Now the core goal for AMD is to take out Intel's Broadwell-E processor with their future release of their next generation core architecture.  The Zen is a "clean sheet" design which AMD claims the processor will operate 40 percent faster than AMD's past CPU's. The Zen processor will feature single individual cores with SMT( surface mount technology), instead of the usual shared cores with the clustered multi threading of the current AMD processor of today.

The code name is Summit Ridge, and it brings some uniqueness I never seen in any processor, its more of a SoC (system on chip) type CPU, according to my reading and research, there is no need for the chipset for it to be fully operational 

Now if you're wondering how many cores this processor have? The core count is 8, with simultaneous multi-threading, similar to Intel's Hyper-Threading technology, with a  grand total of astounding 16-threads. 

AMD will require potential consumers to purchase a whole new motherboard,an AM4-based motherboard to be exact. This motherboard will come with the usual additives seen in all motherboards starting with a native USB 3.1 10Gbps, SATA Express, PCLe 3.0, and  NVMe support. Older third party coolers can be used with the new Zen systems according to various reports, there are actual images of the Wraith cooler being used on this processor.

Interesting me is the processor will be constructed on a 14nm process with FinFet technology. Now if you follow hardware technology like I do and if you have done any reading on FinFet technology, then you would know that it is very much similar to Intel's tri-gate 3D transistors.

There is no definitive time table as to when AMD will drop the Summit Ridge processor, reports are saying that chip will make its appearance in 2016 in limited numbers, only in systems that already prebuilt. The actual processor will make its full fledged debut in 2017. Now pricing is a bit of a mystery, but expect the price to be south of Intel's Broadwell-E insane $1,723 price tag.

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