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The ASUS Rampage V Extreme 10, the fully lit version

Nowadays it's not enough to build a computer that's fully specked out with the best hardware that you can afford, you also want your newly built PC looking good with the nice looking PC case that's decked out with nice fancy paint job, us system builders have this thing about how our PC's look believe it or not, the exterior must look good as well the interior. Yes I must admit I myself have a high level of ego when it comes to the appearance of my computers.  System builders these days are going way and beyond streamlining the inside of their case with LED tubing light, yes, I'll say it for you, its really over the top. You're even seeing graphic cards being lit up color with paint jobs matching the PC cases color scheme, but you  most certainly won't see motherboards being decorated with an array of lights, right? Well the answer is yes and this is exactly what you have with ASUS newest creation the Rampage V Extreme 10.

As part of their 10th anniversary celebration of its Republic of Gamers brand ASUS is doing it up in style  bringing you the special edition Rampage V Extreme 10, infusing RGB lighting underneath the motherboard and, there is also lighting on the memory modules, on the chipset's heatsink, and near the CPU socket.  I mean  just lights everywhere .

Don't want to leave you readers stranded without mentioning some of the other impressive features on this motherboard that's not LED lights related, starting with a dual USB 3.1 Type-C ports, it give support to both M.2 and the Dublin version storage, PCIe lane switches and it also have a mulligan button which allow users to retry a failed POST before having to reset any overclocking settings. Sound output is made possible by a Supreme FX Hi-Fi audio codec, the motherboard can support some the best headphones on the market thanks in part to its expansion card capability that will require a 6 pin PCIe Express power connector to operate.

If there's some interest in the ASUS Rampage V Extreme 10 and want to know more about the  boards full features and performance,  head over to (H)ard)  you'll have full access to a written review on the motherboard that'll include detail features, specs and benchmark numbers.






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