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Micro Center Weekly Deals Presents: Intel Core i3-6100 3.7GHz LGA 1151 Processor

Lets face it, not everyone is willing to cough up large sums of cash to put together a computer. In fact, you can actually build a budget computer for under $1000. I personally have constructed budget builds valued at just $500 and was still  able to participate in such activities that includes gaming and video editing. It all starts with the processor, finding the right one for your next build and if you're trying to stay within a tight budget, there are processors out there you can purchase at bargain basement price tag.

Lets direct our focus at the topic at hand, the Core i3-6100 because its reasonably priced at just $109.99. At that price, you get a LGA 1151 Skylake processor that have a 3.7GHz core clock speed, the perfect processor for your next budget build. You can find this processor being sold at Micro Center, I'm sure they have plenty in stock, any interest in purchasing such hardware just like on this link

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