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The Aukey Mechanical Keyboard,with Blue Switches and Much More

The Aukey KM-G3 mechanical keyboard is a feature rich peripheral that has a lot going and then some. Admittedly, this keyboard is not in my possession as of yet,all the write ups I've read and video demos I viewed  gave me the sudden urge to pen this post.

So is this keyboard well worth my time of writing? The answer is yes. This tactile gaming keyboard is touted as being  the next level gaming peripheral, at least that's what the manufacturer said.  Judging from all the features I've read and seen via video, this could be one the best gaming mechanical keyboards on the market, at least from my perspective.

Like most mechanical gaming keyboards on the market, especially the ones that are consider in the high-end category,  the Aukey KM-G3 have an high accurate RGB backlit 104 mechanical keys. This particular brand is immersive, and colorfully lit typing.

Uniqueness in that the keyboard offers an array of colors and lighting effects and patterns, it has Blue switches that's suppose to deliver a satisfying travel with an audible "click" sound. 

Wait, but there's more features that have me stoked with impression. Each individual switches is said to be very accurate, responsive key commands in any use case scenario. Users have the option to choose a wide range of unique lighting effects that differentiate each color pattern modes and presets for any popular game of choice.

The Aukey KM-G3 keyboard, with all its mentioned impressive features you would imagine cost over a $100, surprisingly it doesn't. It retails for just $69.99. In the days to come I will do a full review, so stay tune.

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