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MSI and EKWB partners up to make the 30th anniversary edition watercooled GTX 1080 graphic card

MSI have been major players in all things computer technology for 30 year now, manufacturing everything from motherboards to gaming laptops. If its a computer or a multimedia peripheral that's connected to a computer, you better believe MSI have its name stamped on it.

To celebrate 30 years of being in the business of hardware design, MSI unleashes the celebratory limited edition GeForce GTX 1080,  with I must a pretty slick looking cooler that's attached to the graphic card.

In description, the limited edition graphic card is liquid cooled with a fully customize EK water-block. In MSI own words they describe this design as being " exceptionally classy", and whom am I to dispute their claim, just look at it. The graphic card is design to perfection, nicely compact and thin, and yes the water cooler is what gives the graphic card some added flavor. Speaking of added flavor, if you want to add even more flavor to this graphic card you can light things up by infusing RGB LED lights through a gaming app you must download it from MSI.

The cooling solution is a closed loop that requires no sort of setup or maintenance. Its already assembled, just plug it directly into the PCI Express x16 slot with a attached radiator mounted to a 120mm fan, and yes you have to connect it to a power supply in case you're wondering.

The water block cover is craftily constructed out of precision cut aluminum. Under it lies a nickel plated copper base that dissipates heat away from the actual Pascal GPU. The whole GPU  is attached to a water cooling radiator combined with a EK's CSQ design with the latest core engine.

There are three such modes you can run the card on altering the graphic cards base and boost clock speeds, it goes as follows: 1,860MHz - 1,721MHz(OC Mode), 1,835MHz-1692MHz(Gaming Mode), 1,733MHz-1,607MHz(Silent Mode).

Like with most stock graphic cards, the power requirement for this particular graphic card is 500W PSU or more, as always I recommend that you go with at minimum 600W. It needs two connectors to power up this graphic card, a 6-pin and a 8-pin connector.

There is no definite time table when MSI will release their 30th Anniversary edition graphic card. My hunch tells me price point will be over $1,000 if you use the GTX 1080 Sea Hawk X graphic card as a guide of reference.

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