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Micro Center Weekly Deals Presents: Logitech Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse

Gaming mouse is not hard to find nowadays, but finding a good quality gaming mouse that has a high level of performance for reasonable price does not come at a premium. If you just so happen to wonder off into any Micro Center, you'll find the one gaming mouse that is not only price reasonable, but a gaming mouse that's infused with some great technology. That gaming mouse I'm referring to is the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS. For just $59.99, you'll have access to a pretty unique gaming mouse that operates at break neck speed. The Hyperion Fury combines an optical sensor which features Logitech's own Delta Zero technology with a Fusion Engine hybrid sensor which will enable better tracking speed that exceeds 500 IPS. You can switch through four DPI settings in a quick instant. You'll have flexibility to react to any chaotic battle with precision during video games.

If a good quality gaming mouse that's price reasonable is what you're looking for, then good news, there stock plenty at Micro Center right now.



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