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Lets Take a Look At The FSP Hydro G 850W Gold Power Supply

Good hardware makes a great computer, a good power supply makes a stable computer.In my opinion one of the most underrated components in our computers is the PSU (power supply unit), without it, well you won't have power of course, but when you have a good power supply that has a good rating, you'll more than likely have a computer that'll stand the test of time and more importantly be stable. When I'm gathering my source material from the Internet and stumble upon manufacturers releasing any impressive hardware to  market that is great in features and specs, it deserves some coverage on this website. The Hydro G 850W power supply has most certainly directed my attention.

So what we have here is the Hydro G 850W 80-Plus Gold rated power supply and its manufacturer is FSP, long time players in the power supply game since 2003.

Hydro does not refer to any form of liquid of course since it is a power supply, Hydro represents the Hydro Dynamic Bearing used in the cooling fan. It has server grade circuitry and a more advanced thermal layout encased within its metallic cube like shell, along with the unit comes a all modular cables, meaning you attach  each cable to the PSU separately, it has a certified 80-Plus Gold efficiency rating which for me is the power supply units main standout feature.The Hydro G is structured to deliver precise voltage regulation with an excellent C ripple and noise suppression.

When it comes to cooling in depth, the Hydro G uses a 135mm Power Logic fan. The fan is rated up to 0.40A and 2000 rpm at 12 VDC. FSP implements an intelligent fan speed controller that maintains a silent fan-less operation at a low power state. The power supply front panel includes a bevy of connectors, eleven be exact for modular cables, each connector outlet is labeled  keeping users from plugging in the wrong cable.

The power distribution used by FSP is a Synchronous  Rectification of power conversion that's design right along the DC-TO-DC voltage regulators that is located directly on the power supply daughter card, this provides a much constricted voltage regulation and is highly efficient. In terms of overall design, the Hydro G have a large asymmetrical fan grill opening insuring constant exhaust airflow, keeping the components inside the power supply nice and cooled.

As far as the price goes, the power supply unit to me is considered to be a high-end piece of hardware being that its rated a 80-Plus Gold standard, so of course its not surprising that see it priced over $100. Which in the case of the Hydro G the price tag is $114, which is sort of high considering you can find a lot of  850W power supply units under $100, but here's the key, always consider the rating. Gold rated power supplies have a tendency to be  greater in price as oppose to a Bronze rated PSU.




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