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Micro Center Weekly Deals Presents: Core i7-6700K, MSI Z170A motherboard,Samsung 850 SSD Bundle Kit

Finding the right hardware for your next computer build isn't the difficult part, its finding the right hardware at the right price that fits your budget can be a bit of a headache for many. For me when I put together system I always resort to the bundle kits if I'm trying to work with budget. Bundle kits are a  combination of several pieces of hardware for the price of one.

Well if you plan on going the bundle route, let me point you in the direction of one Micro Center, they have in my opinion the best bundle kit I've seen advertised on their website. For $587 you can get a unlocked Intel Core i7-600K processor, MSI Z170A gaming motherboard, and a Samsung 850 EVO SSD.

Now here's a little more information on the Intel processor that comes with this kit. This is a 6th generation Core i7-600K Skylake processor with a core clock speed at 4 GHz, yes its over kill in terms of speed, but if gaming is your main intent for this computer you plan on building then you can never have enough processing power.

Bundle offers from Micro Center changes daily so if interested and want to purchase this kit instantly, just log right on their website.


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